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Post  Timmolot on Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:38 pm

Real Name -Shane holdcroft
Nickname - Timmolot
How old are you - 22
Where do you live - stoke on trent
What is your nationality - english
How well do u speak English - from birth Smile

Your WoW life

Character Name - Timmolot
Class - warlock aff
Main Spec Item level - 495
Off Spec and Item Level of spec - 495
Time Played on this Character - 95 days
Link your Armory -http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Timmolot/simple
Link to my epeenbot http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/eu/draenor/timmolot/
link to my wol http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-pw7x9f3asu7jc3eg/details/0/
link to my wow track http://www.wowtrack.org/character/7250495
screen shot of my ui https://redcdn.net/ihimg/photo/my-images/5/40483963.jpg/

Your raiding experience past and present (If you played back in older content)

Vanilla - n/a

The Burning Crusade - n/a

Wrath of the Lich King - n/a

Cataclysm - all raids all heroic

Mists of Pandaria - all raids 4/6 hc msv 3/6 hc hof 4/4 toes with elite and progress on h/c leishi

About you

Well my name is Shane Mechanic by say and warlock by night. I Love playing p,c games beein playing
them since Counterstrike source 1.6. I Was started playing WoW by a freind who was in a top guild
on frostmane back at the start of cata, iv played for just shy of 2 years now and always played my
warlock dont get me wong i have alts but my lock is the one for me. i have over 95 Days played time
on this toon and only realy use him for PVE. My faviorate Spec is Demo by far but i play afflic
for the dps, Demo dose come in handy for some fight such as feng with high aoe burst and push backs
but single target and general Aoe i play afflic.I have a gorgeous Girlfreind and a great time with her
i do play play on a laptop but i will link a spec for you to see. I work 8:30 to 5:30 monday to friday.

About my P.C

Internet = 50mb virgin media net
Razor mouse
head set N/a built in mic
Intel®️ Core™️ i5-3230M processor (with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.20 GHz)
Windows 7 64bit, English
Silver Aluminium LCD Back with 15.6" FHD(1080p) True Life WLED Display and Skype-Certified HD Webcam
8GB2 DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
1TB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive + 32GB m-SATA SSD
8X Slot Load CD/DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive)
2GB NVIDIA®️ GeForce®️ GT 640M Graphics Card

My Talents

Tier 1 = soul leach or dark regeneration both used for healing other than dark regen offers a more burst
healing to help out in fight were requierd
Tier 2 = Mortal coil or Shadowfury 90% of the time i will use mortal coil as this is a nice little
heal when in trouble but i can use shadow fury for again bosses like feng it come in very usefull
Tier 3 = i use dark bargin and no others as i sarcifice my pet
Tier 4 = 90% of the time i will use unbound will as this will benifit dispalls traps ect in game other
than that i will use blood fear for the use of lei shi only as i am normaly handling two adds.
Tier 5 = grimore of sacrafice all i got say is 50% more damage why not!
Tier 6 = i always use kill'jadens cunning as i can try and maximies my dps why moving only fight i
know this cannot be used on it leishi heroic as the wind is too fast.

My Glyths

Soul shards
Siphon life
unstable affliction

verdant spheres

MY Rotaion

As any good warlock will know its not just about keeping your dots up 100% its also about tracking
your buffs to make your donts more empowerd, empowerd dots = winwin.

but as i start of i normaly use a macro for burst depends on the fight ofc
/cast Summon doomguard
/cast Grimoire: Felhunter
/cast dark soul: Misery
/use potion of the jade serpent
/cast Blood fury
then i will sould burn and soul swap applying all 3 dots on the target at once.i then apply haunt and channel grasp
after doing this most of the time my trinkets will also proc and reappling my dots as soon as
these dots then have all the buffs they can get giveing me a nice burst and very nice empowerd dots. keeping these up till the
last second is vital for a nice burst with also keeping up my haunt. After this i use my tell me when and my
affdots to tell me when to reapply my dots keeping the pandemic rule in mind. And last i will channel
my drain soul at the end of a fight when the boss is below 20% health entering my exacution phase

Aoe roation

Frist i pop my macro then apply dots to battle menders for example then applying a soul burn seed and a normal seed
after this i spam seeds on all targets sending my aoe through the roof and my shard regain is crazy
by this i can also keep up dots on the mutilpul tagets at the same time. as well as my seeds.


Affdots = to track empowerd dots and times
Tell me when = set up to track trinket procs and jadespirt procs.
Bartender for my ui
boss health % for drain soul


the only other ones than standerd ui i use is
q = lifetap
e = agony
r = corruption
t = unstable

Previous guilds
Timmolot We are Windfury EU-Frostmane August 28, 2011 November 4, 2011
i joined these when i started wow as it was a freinds guild i basicaly got boosted through alot of h/c instances
but we all gotta start somewere
Timmolot Pina Colada Armada EU-Frostmane March 13, 2012 April 4, 2012
i joined this guild looking for a guild to start with the leader was very bossy and made me learn quickly Razz
we cleared all normal d/s content
Timmolot Idlewild EU-Draenor January 4, 2013
this is the same guild just migrated to dreanor were we cleared all h/c d/s, and then after this we clear msv normal
and also hof and terrace normal.
Timmolot Mist EU-Draenor 12 days ago
This is were i gquit as i was put on reseve for 3 weeks when clearly putting in my app i wanted to
join the guild as i know im capable of more than people are letting me cleared some heroics and learnt
alot from this guild even if they were very boaring and not letting me raid.

this is why i am now serching for a new guild i can raid at least 3 times a week with. progress and wipe with.

Why you should pick me

Once i join a guild i will stay iv never gquit before mist and dont intent on swapping i dont like change
and want to find some people who can get some serious raiding done with but having a laugh at the same time
i can bring an extra speak server to the guild (ts3) if ever needed. and as much time as i can give
i hope to look forward to hereing from any of you soon if if i do not make the application


I am dyslexic so i am sorry about the poor spellingz. Very Happy


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[Declined] Afflock Timmolot Empty Re: [Declined] Afflock Timmolot

Post  Lachtobi on Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:53 pm

Hey Timmolot,

Thanks for putting in the effort to write this app. We'll be reviewing it and get back to you with an answer soon.

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[Declined] Afflock Timmolot Empty Re: [Declined] Afflock Timmolot

Post  Lachtobi on Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:06 am

After our chat yesterday it's become clear that you have copied this application en masse and had no particular recollection of who Eye of the Tigger were. Apart from being slightly disturbing, less than 24h from writing said app, this is of course an automatic application declined.

Good luck.

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