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[ACCEPTED] Social application Empty [ACCEPTED] Social application

Post  Lightban on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:03 pm

Hello guildmates of eott,

Name : Unal

Age : 19

From : Istanbul, Turkey

About me : I am a collage student who failed first class because of lack of attendance. I like playing football, watching football games and talking about football. When i am not playing my character. I go for a ride with my bike. Or just hang out Smile

Character : Retribution (PvP) and Holy[(PvE) dunno it might change] And also i have a dwarf death knight alt character.

Armory :

Experience: well i played warrior (60-70)(sold it), A paladin ( not this one (70 Lvl only)), Huntard (70 Lvl)(for pvp), Druid (70 Lvl only), Then a dk which i dont have it anymore sadly, then finally Lightbane.

With warrior : I did MC lots of times was farming for TF and last 4 ingots for my warrior took 2 months ZG cleared, AQ 20 Cleared AQ 40 Cleared lots of times but cthun only one time, BWL cleared lots of time, Ony cleared, Naxx up to sapphiron. In tbc i cleared kz and gruuls lair then my guild disbanded.

With my first paladin i cleared kz, gruuls, mighteridons lair then quit on him rerolled on hunter just to do some pvps been on 1800s.

With my druid i cleared whole tbc content up to SWP. I got bored and quit wow.

Then i leveled my dk, I never raided with a guild on wotlk, I pugged naxx10/25, EoE 10/25, OS 10/25 3D, Ulduar 10 man (including Algalon) And full normal icc 10 man runs, did clear some bosses on icc 25 too. Then i got banned.

I took this paladin from my brother it was 30 level and leveled it all the way up to 80 then 85. At 80 level i joined hysteria 4 weeks pre cataclysm. I downed icc 10 up to lk with some hc s (I.e Proff and Sindragosa HC). When cata hit hysteria disbanded then i joined Outcast. I did full clear on bot and 5/6 BWD there. Now i am just a social guy doing arenas for fun Smile

Expextations : Pretty much nothing. This is a game we all enjoy. Just looking for a friendly guild to have a chat, troll the guild chat Razz and have fun.

Ty for reading ppl cya in-game


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[ACCEPTED] Social application Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] Social application

Post  Lachtobi on Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:45 am

Hi Lightbâne,

Thanks for your application, and welcome to Eye of the Tigger!

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