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Post  Icecubebaby on Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:16 pm

Personal info
Hello, I will start writing about myself, I´m eighteen years old and im a swedish student.
My irl name is Vincent and I love competisions and im a "winner", by that I mean that if I wanna become good at something i rly work hard to be as good as i can be ( I hate to suck at something)

I have no problem to take criticism from other players, and also im very reliable, if i sign for a raid you can count on me Smile
I have a headset and a new descent gaming computer that lets me play without lag.

What do i want for the guild?
A mature atmosphere and a rly fun time Smile

Previous raiding experience

Vanilla: -
TBC: Not mutch there, raided a little in the last tier came for tbc but it was mostly mag, gruul, tk and karazhan ofc.
Wotlk: Completed naxx pretty fast after wotlk came, raided a little ulduar before i took a brake from WoW.
Got back just in time for Icc and got 12/12 normal and 12/6 before the guild was disbanded:(

"How i work"
I always read tactics for new boss fights and when i do i dont just find out the basics of the mechanics.
When i read tacts for a fight i look up the exact mechanics to fully understand the fight, for example: (On a tactic video on youtube they may say, when that happens you need to stack and then spread) I wanna know why i have to stack and why to spread, because if i know that i can understand how to execute the machanics in the best possible way. ofc i make misstakes, but i try to learn from them.

How i play
Atm I have a arcane and a fire spec, preferably i would like to switch between them depending on boss for ideal damage and function.

My arcane
Since arcane is a "excuse me" piss easy rotation its not much to say.
Arcane blast and then missiles, i use my gems as mutch as possible for the extra sp they give when used, cooldowns used when most needed in fight, totaly depends on boss, if its a long boss fight i may use them in begining just so i can use them more then once, if their is a certain dps phase i popem there.
I have the emergancy buttons keybind, like iceblock and blink.
The other spell are also bind to my keyboard but i just thought it could be good to mention^^

My Fire spec
My aoe spec, for handling of boss adds.
Keep living bomb up, fireball and phyroblast when hot streak occurs.
ofc scorch spamming rotation might be handy in fights with alot of movement, somtimes also in aoe fights when you use a lot of aoe it drains your mana, ther for spaming scorch gives the mana i need to do good aoe damage in long fights.
Ofc mage armor is a way in long mana draining fights, but it removes the mobility that firestarter gives( witch I gain from molten armor)

I use Combustion when my living bomb, ignite and pyroblast dots are up to Benefit as mutch as i can from it.

I feel like i could write 10 pages of how i play and why, But its probebly better that you just ask me if you have any more questions Smile

And here is my addons:

Tidy plates


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[ACCEPTED] Icecubebaby (mage) Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] Icecubebaby (mage)

Post  Tenta on Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:51 pm

Thanks for the applications mate, its great.
we'll get back to you shortly.


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[ACCEPTED] Icecubebaby (mage) Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] Icecubebaby (mage)

Post  Endelar on Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:25 am

Accepted and invited.

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[ACCEPTED] Icecubebaby (mage) Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] Icecubebaby (mage)

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