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How to become a Tigger Empty How to become a Tigger

Post  Lachtobi on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:35 pm

To become a part of our guild you first need to tell us a bit about yourself and your gaming experience. We encourage our applicants to make their applications personal, but if you're in doubt, here are a couple things that we will always want to know about you.

  • Name: Your real first name.
  • Age: Your age.
  • Location: Where you're from.

  • Real life: Tell us a bit about who you are when you're not playing WoW. What is your occupation, your interests, what kind of person do you see yourself as?

  • Character: Your class and spec.
  • Armory: Link to your profile.
  • Description: Give us a brief explanation of your build, what guidelines you follow, how you play your character.
  • Experience: Walk us through your WoW gaming experience.
  • Expectations: Your expectations towards us should go here. If you expect to be first picked for every raid then we can trial you faster, but will also demand more from you. Similarly, if you wish to become a social member - another important rank in our guild - then we need to know upfront. In this section you can also say a bit about why you play WoW and what your goals are in the game, so we have a better idea of whether this guild is right for you.
If you have any questions before applying, or about our guild in general you're always welcome to contact Unvinsible, Tentabear, or Larktobi online. We don't bite (too much).

To post an application you DON'T need an active account. Just click the 'New Thread' button in the application forum, and you should be able to post right away.


I've attached a sample application to go by if you're not sure what to say. If your app looks like this you should be in pretty good shape.

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How to become a Tigger Empty Re: How to become a Tigger

Post  Lachtobi on Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:58 am

IRL: Nikolaj Lund
In-game: Analgesia (Strafer, Piñata, Alecto, Cruxhade & Glitterstorm when on alts)

26 years old.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Real life:
I'm currently studying to become a software developer and I have 1½ years left of studying until i get my master's degree.
Besides that I'm working as an IT consultant on the side (16-40 hours per week) which takes up a lot of my time. Until this winter
I played American Football in a local club as well, but due to an injury and my working situation I've chosen not to prioritize football anymore. The rest of my time is used with my friends, family and my girlfriend. I love gaming (obviously), reading, watching TV series/movies, exercising, eating, drinking, etc.

Character and spec:
I'm currently playing priest and specced into discipline, but I have a multitude of characters to chose from (Hunter, Warrior, Paladin, Shaman) and I'm confortable in all the roles that the game has to offer, although I've definately spent the most time DPSing and healing. I'm rolling with shadow as my offspec in order to be as flexible as possible, I have a viable shadow item offset and I'm willing to go either full time shadow or change to holy if that would benefit progression.

This is my armory link:

Well, as said I'm currently specced into disc, which is a healing spec sort of centered around absorbs. I say "sort of" because the talent tree largely advocates the use of absorbs but in reality absorbs are mostly used for mana regeneration mechanics or is a biproduct of my direct heals. In short, I use PW: Shield mainly to trigger Rapture which is my main source of mana regeneration throughout a fight. Other usages may be triage absorbs making sure people who are in imminent danger of dying has a few extra seconds to receive healing. Other than that I sometimes use it to pre-shield people before predicable damage - e.g. single target, Rageface, or AoE, seeds on Ragnaros. Besides this absorbing shields are triggered by all my critical heals due to the Divine Aegis talent - these along with the similar absorbing shields placed on persons targeted by PoH are the so-called bi-product shields. They stack up to a certain point and are therefore rarely wasted in situations where intense pulsing AoE damage is present (Beth, Rhyo phase 2, MD scorp phase with stacks > 6, etc). All my shields are strengthened by mastery.
As for direct heal spells all have a place in a given situation but the most important ones are Greater heal (using IF to make it more mana efficient than Heal), PoH (for groupwise AoE), Penance (Mana efficient and nice output), and PoM (should be bouncing at all times). Also, Heal, Greater Heal and Flash Heal all trigger my SoS talent which reduces the duration of my weakened soul debuff making me able to cast more PW: Shields on people taking intensive damage (tank healing mostly).
I specced out of A/AA when serious raid progression started as "smart" heals really aren't that smart all the time. They pick pets (even ones without pet bars) and are limited by range. Besides that, atonement has some issues at the moment making it broken on mobs with big hit boxes.
I have a variety of useful cooldowns at my disposal as well. Pain Suppression is a single target 40% damage reduction that lasts 8 seconds and reduces the threat of the target. The threat reduction might incline towards using this on a DPS but with the current threat level on tanks it is safely used on them most of the time, and should be utilized like so. PW: Barrier is a positional 25% damage reduction on an arbitrary number of raid members. It prevents people casting inside from being interrupted and can be glyphed to make people standing below the barrier take 10% increased healing as well. I currently swap between PS: Shield and PW: Barrier glyph based on the fight.
Hymn of Hope provides a powerful mana regen tool and should be used in phases with a low damage intake. Divine hymn is its healing counterpart and is kinda dangerous to use as the priests overall output will be much lower for the duration. The gain really comes from the 10% increased healing on targets healed by the hymn and as such it's very useful to pair this CD with other raid wide CDs like tranquility from druids - at least it shouldn't be used alone as an "OH FUCK" button.
One last thing in regards to spells is the option of choosing between Inner Fire and Inner Will. While Inner Fire will be the way to go most of the time but some times it's useful to change to will to spam a lot of shields (mana efficiently) or for the movement speed increase for a shout duration.
Healingwise my UI is configured using Grid and mousover macros. I use SUF to enhance my individual unit frames, tellmewhen to monitor different CDs, and Quartz to monitor my castbar. I'm not gonna get into all the customization I've done, as that would take several hours, but it's safe to say that this UI works for me and my playstyle.

I started playing with the coming of The Burning Crusade and have therefore never played in vanilla. In BC i did Kara, Gruul, Magtheridon, SSC up to Vash and TK up to Kael'Thas. In Wrath of the Lich King I did Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum, Ulduar (25 and 10Man) including a couple of hardmodes on 10man difficulty. I basicly burned out in TotGC which was a SUPERBAD raid instance and never got to do ICC.
In Cataclysm I did 12/12 with EotT (pre-FL) and at the moment I'm 6/7 HC with EotT as well (Heroic modes post-nerf).

I expect to raid with close to 100% attendance and I expect to earn the right to always be picked first for raids in the role that I'll be filling. I want to at least clear content on a steady pace meaning that I want to clear all content before new content is released. I expect the guild to be somewhat competitive realmwise, but with the low raid frequency I expect that we'll probably not be able to keep up with guilds that raid 3 times or more per week - but owning them even so will be fun nonetheless
I expect to play with people who put time into their characters and who always show up to raids prepared. I'm NOT here to carry someone else's load.


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