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What it means to be a Tigger Empty What it means to be a Tigger

Post  Lachtobi on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:33 pm

Who we are
Eye of the Tigger is a tight-knit casual raiding guild and we pride ourselves with offering challenging content and decent progress while still maintaining the notion that WoW is secondary to many other things in life. A lot of us have the skills and know-how of hardcore raiders; we just prioritize our time differently. This quality over quantity approach means that although we fully accept the interference of studies/work/family, when you enter that green portal you're expected to be prepared, calm, collected and 100% on the ball.

What we expect from you
Apart from being a sensible raider who's able to communicate, coordinate and improvise on the fly, we expect that you're able to take constructive criticism as exactly that - not a personal attack. Progression is not about pointing fingers, but about finding the weakest links and correcting them, and you need to be ready to sometimes be the weakest link. Apart from that - and just as important - we expect you to be able to have fun. While we take raiding very seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously and if you're not able to laugh at a silly mistake then maybe we are not for you.

Raid times
Thursday 20:00-24:00
Sunday 20:00-24:00

And last but not least:

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